Some topics for students to read about to prepare for their science test include:

1. What are the main structures of the crayfish and their functions?2. What is molting?3. What is an advantage and disadvantage of molting?4. What are four things needed in a habitat for crayfish?5. How do the structures of crayfish compare with the structure of other animals?6. How do male and female crayfish structures compare?

PowerPoint adapted from Foss Science

Student Study Guides Through PowerPoint

These PowerPoints were generated by students. They are temporarily posted for one week for student learning (sources need to be cited)

Audrey and Olivia

Michael and Dylan

Spencer and Jack

Joe and Isabella

Ben and Sean

Nate and Jack

Evan and Enzo

Drew and Hope

Jenna, Sloane, Ruby

Titus, Aidan

Maddy and Luke

Violet and Katherine

Holly and Grace

Addison and Granden